Living Eggs 2015

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Day 1 - Monday

Our 10 eggs have arrived. The children were very excited by their arrival and have been watching the incubator closely for signs of movement.  Nothing yet!


Day 1  Day 1a


Day 2 - Tuesday

Three of our eggs have started 'pipping' and the children having been excitedly discussing which egg will hatch first - will it be number 4, 5 or 6?

Eggs Day 2   Day 2a


Day 3 - Wednesday

Four of our chicks have hatched overnight! There is 'pipping' in the other eggs so we are watching them very closely.

UPDATE - As of lunchtime we have 7 chicks.

Day 3    Days 3   Day 3

Day 4 - Thursday

We are now the proud 'Parents' of 9 chicks. We have moved 6 of our chicks, as they are now nice and fluffy in to the brooder. The three still in the incubator will be moved in to the brooder at the end of the day.

 Day 4   Day 4

Day 5 - Friday

We had to take on the role of 'veterinary nurses' yesterday afternoon as one chick had a bad leg.  A condition known as 'splay leg'.  With some plaster we taped up her leg and she is now hopping around the brooder with the other chicks. As you can see in the picture below she looks very content now. 

Day 5   Day 5

Day 6 - Saturday

The chicks are really beginning to enjoy their food and growing fast as you can see below.  They like to stand in the food bowl while they eat! They are settling in well at their 'weekend home' and have enjoyed a good nights sleep. 

Day 6    Day 6

Day 7 - Sunday

Some video from our 'chick cam' - click on the link below:

'chick cam'

Day 8 - Monday

It was the turn of Reception Class to clean out and feed the chicks this morning.

 Day 8    Day 8

Day 9 - Tuesday

Year 1 and 2 spent some handling the chicks this afternoon.  They were amazed at how quickly they have grown.

Day 9   Day 9   Day 9

Day 10 - Wednesday

Only a few days left until our chicks return to the farm - as you can see they have really changed and their wings are developing real feathers.

Day 10    Day 10   Day 11


Day 11 - Thursday

The children have worked very hard keeping the chicks clean, watered and well fed.

    Day 11   Day 11  Day 11

 Day 12 - Friday

Our chicks left today.  They will be going to live on several farms in the area.  Our chick with the bad leg made a full recovery.  Once the plaster was taken off and the chick put back in the box and hopping around, we couldn't recognise which one she was!  The children have really enjoyed looking after them and watching them grow.