Science Festival

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We had a fantastic Science Festival  - thank you to Miss Burden for organising it and many thanks to all the parents who came in to help, share their expertise and generally join in the fun.

Our Reception Class had a great week - they watched raisins dance, made a magic spell (see below for how to make it!), flew rocket mice, made their own lava lamps, created explosions with coke and mints, learnt about skeletons, made torches and sent balloon rockets flying across the hall.

Years 1 and 2 totally immersed themselves in science - they answered lots of questions such as:  Can we move sweets with a straw?  How absorbant are nappies?  How fast does my heart beat?  Can I make an electrical circuit?  What is chromotology?

Years 3 and 4 began the week by racing rockets and discussing aerodynamices.  They learnt about the melting and cooling temperature of different materials, had a visit from a vet and learnt some first aid.

Years 5 and 6 kicked off the festival with "Microbe Monday".  A chance to find out about and set up an investigation in to all things living and microscopic.  Throughout the week, the children were excited by engineering, wowed by equine science, bowled over by talk of bones and muscles and thoroughly enthralled by the electricity workshop.

 See below for some pictures of our 'science-filled' week.


Wilbur's Spell

1. Pour some vinegar in to a jar                                                 
2. Add a squirt of washing up liquid
3. Give it a colour
4. Don't forget to add some magic sparkles
5. Carefully tip in some bicarbonate of soda
6. Stand back and watch what happens!

Wilburs Spell   Wilburs Spell  Wilburs Spell


We made our own lava lamps

Lava Lamps   Lava Lamps


The cola and mint experiment!

 coke and mints

We learnt about bones and helped a teddy with a broken leg

 BonesBones   bones   


We had fun with electronics

Electronics   Electronics      

 Electronics      Electronics

We made parachutes - do you think our eggs survived?

   Parachutes    Parachutes    Parachutes