In our school we aim to deliver a well-planned curriculum which equips our children with the skills and traits to fully participate in an ever changing world and as a church school we believe that the spiritual growth of our children is as important as their academic development. ( seeBeing a Church School’). We also wish to provide opportunities for children to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of the cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the standards and expectations set out in the National Curriculum 2014 and is enhanced with carefully planned opportunities which ensure that all our children access a vibrant, broad and balanced learning experience. Full details of the National Curriculum can be found here -

Structure of the national curriculum

  Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2   Curriculum
  5-7 (Y1-Y2) 7-11 (Y3-Y6)  
Core Subjects                    
Maths                                      Curriculum 2                                          
Foundation Subjects      
Art and design  
Design and Technology   Curriculum 3
Physical Education  

We place a strong focus on the teaching of the basic skills necessary for all of our children to be confident and independent learners but wherever possible we also make cross curricular links with other subjects and topics in order that teaching and learning is relevant and meaningful.

Each term, in addition to topics covered in class, we take a whole school curriculum subject for one week and focus much of our learning around a particular theme or topic. These weeks often provide opportunities to involve parents, outside visitors and include off site trips to places of interest – local and further afield.

Recent focus weeks have included: Whizz, Pop, Bang – Science Festival, Four Seasons Arts week, ‘Very Fishy’ cookery week, RE week, MHPS Literature Festival and ‘ Brush up your Shakespeare’ Week and Sports Week.

We plan our curriculum around a two year rolling programme, to accommodate the mixed year groups in our key stage one and two classes and ensure that children cover all areas as they progress up the school.

For more details of our rolling programme click here.


Further Information

British Values
Through our spiritual, moral and cultural education and distinctively Christian ethos we promote and reinforce the British Values of democracy, the role of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs on a daily basis.  Our full British Values Statement can be found here

Educating the Children of Tomorrow
This is what Meysey Hampton Church of England Primary School believes are the most important factors in educating children in the 21st century - click here

Meet Spike
To support our work on developing good learning behaviours we have created 'Spike', our school mascot, who epitomises our expectations of a child leaving our school.  The traits we see in Spike are regularly referred to, talked about and shared in lessons, PSHCE and assemblies.  Please click here to see what we believe an educated child leaving our school might look like.

Being a good learner
We believe that all members of our school community are life-long learners and we encourage all our children to develop skills and strategies that will enable them to become effective and active learners.  Please take a look at our presentation which demonstrates what we believe are the key traits of a good learner -  here

Our Curriculum related policies can be found on our policies page - Policy Documents