Governor Register of Interests

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Governor Name     

Relevant Business Interests
(e.g. having a financial, or
interest in an organisation
which could feasibly be in a position

to supply goods/services to the school)


Details of any other
educational establishments  
     Any relationship between
and members of
the school staff
spouses, partners and

Simon Bye   None   None   None
Kate Carden   None   None   None
Kate Chamberlain   None   None   None
Stephen Coates   None   None   None
Katharine Foot   Employed by Royal Agricultural University   None   None
Melanie Giles  

Occasional work (marketing &
communciations advice
for Kempsford Primary School

  None   None
Brendan Gleeson   None   None   None
Nancy Hawkins   None   None   None
Liz Kelson   None   None   None
Claire Lewis   None   None   None
Caroline Symcox
  Chair of Meyseys PCC   Fairford Primary School - Ex-Officio Governor