Vision & Aims

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Our Vision

It is the vision of all staff and governors to provide a happy and effective school where every child is a valued, thinking, active and responsive learner and each is encouraged to develop his/her own talents to the full.

We aim to provide our pupils with the highest standards of education in a warm and friendly learning environment, where parents feel welcome and involved in their child’s education and where each member of staff feels valued and trusted.

We will work hard to ensure that the school plays a vibrant role within our local community and that all members of the school model and uphold the Christian values which underpin our ethos as a Church of England establishment.



  • to create a happy and vibrant environment in which each child will feel he/she has a place and purpose and will develop a love of learning
  • to help children understand that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are important values
  • to ensure that each child begins to acquire worthwhile attitudes, values and beliefs
  • to ensure a command for spoken and written English and in so doing, develop the ability to communicate fluently with other people
  • to develop knowledge, understanding and application of mathematics
  • to develop and apply the skills of Information Technology
  • to awaken scientific curiosity, environmental interest and technical skills
  • to encourage appreciation of life through music, drama and creative arts
  • to help all children acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the will to use these appropriately
  • to develop an awareness  and appreciation of our local and national heritage through historical, geographical and religious studies
  • to provide involvement in and enjoyment of a range of physical activities

The School Ethos

A purposeful environment set in the context of the Christian ethos within which pupils, parents, staff and governors can work successfully to achieve the school’s overall aims.

Our goal is for Meysey Hampton Church of England Primary School to be a place where:

  • pupils receive the highest standards of education in a warm and friendly atmosphere

  • parents feel welcome and involved in their child's education

  • governors are active in the  day to day running of the school

  • the local community can be involved and proud